Being a parent is one of the most important jobs in the world, with the least amount of tangible payout.

You are responsible for helping your child grow in a world where they have zero experience and whatever circumstances lead you to have kids, you are responsible for them. When parenting children with attachment challenges or trauma, much of the focus can be placed on their behavior. While it is important to help our children heal from difficult beginnings, we parents must first heal ourselves from whatever attachment wounds and trauma we have experienced as a child.

I will work with you to enhance your parenting skills so that you can improve your self-awareness, understanding, and compassion for your child, which can help build and sustain a close relationship with your child.


Treatment approach and therapies include:

  • Attending interventions: to improve the quality of parent and child relationship;
  • Parent psycho-education on Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, or Disruptive Behavior.

Parenting Support in Pasadena, California

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