Child or Adolescent Issues

Children and Adolescents are continuously developing emotionally, physically, socially, and even spiritually and can be more experience-seeking, trying to develop a sense of individuality, and looking for a connection.

If your kids were doing reasonably well in school and now they are struggling academically, had good friends and now they’re having trouble keeping them, isolating from family or peers, overly emotional about small things, or being secretive and avoiding sharing things, this may be a sign of them having a difficult time coping.

Therapeutic Approach

I use the following approaches to address Child/Adolescent concerns:

  • Attending interventions: to help improve the quality of parent and child relationship;
  • Child and parent psychoeducation on Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, or Disruptive Behavior;
  • Insight building and emotional identification to help promote reflection on a range of emotions and understanding;
  • Building social skills to help provide child/adolescent with basic skills to develop and sustain peer relationships;
  • TF-CBT- Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Child or Adolescent Therapy in Pasadena, California

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